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Our daughter at 1 week with two of the residents

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The Sharing Organization provides worship services for people in nursing homes and other care facilities.

Residents who live in care facilities often cannot leave their homes in order to worship with a traditional church in their communities.  The Sharing Organization exists to help these residents worship on a regular basis - in their own homes.

The people we serve love our weekly visits as they benefit greatly from the relationships we have with them.  It is a very necessary weekly reminder of God's amazing love  for them through Christ.

Please take time to explore and learn about the unique ministry that God has given us. And please consider partnering with us by praying, giving finacially, or both.  If you have any questions, please contact us.

Buy the book, The Forgotten Church: 10 Years of Ministry
The Forgotten Church
Buy the book, The Forgotten Church: 10 Years of Ministry

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