The Sharing Organization


In Exodus 17, Israel was in a battle and as long as Moses kept his staff raised high, the army was victorious. But when his arms grew tired the staff would lower and the army would begin to be beaten. So Joshua and Hur came along side of Moses and helped him hold his arms up. Because of this, the Israelites were victorious in the battle.

This is how we think of this ministry. God has called us to serve the nursing care homes with the Gospel of Jesus, and there are times when we grow tired. We pray for God's people to come along side of us and lift us up when we become weak and tired. Your help comes first by praying with us and second by supporting this work financially.

We understand that there are a thousands of organizations vying for your charitable dollars, but we are vying for your partnership in this ministry. That's more than just your money, we ask for your committment to that Call of God to share the Gospel of Jesus with this Forgotten Church.

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