The Sharing Organization


It is the Vision of The Sharing Org to realize all churches in Michigan serving the spiritual needs of the people who live in nursing and adult foster care homes.

"But the Lord says, “I will now rise up, because the poor are being hurt. Because of the moans of the helpless, I will give them the help they want.” (Psalm 12:5 NCV)

Psalm 12:5 Realized...

We've been called to serve residents who live in the nursing care community. These are people who are elderly, mentally ill, physically ill, or all three. They are people who were members of our churches but who are no longer able to be with us. They are sometimes people who were born with disabilities and might have always lived in a nursing care facility. They are retired judges, military personal, auto workers, teachers, mothers, fathers, siblings, and children. And all of them are very dependent on our local churches for regular spiritual encouragement.

Today, our God rises up to rescue the poor, the down-trodden, and those who desire honest-to-goodness love and spiritual fellowship. Residents who are just as valuable as any of us for whom Jesus shed His blood. Today, we desire churches to unite in order to take Jesus into the nursing care homes in their own communities.

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