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Providing Christian worship services to nursing and adult foster care residents.

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About Us

Since 2003, The Sharing Organization has been conducting Christian church services for people who live in Nursing and Adult Foster Care Homes.

  • We are a strictly Christian ministry and do not serve people only from any particular denomination.
  • We provide weekly church services for people who live in group housing who can no longer get out of their homes to worship locally.
  • Every year, we help residents participate with Operation Christmas Child.

It may be unfortunate that people move into a nursing or adult foster care facility, they can often be forgotten by a community's larger church ministry. If people are not exactly forgotten, they might just be served as an afterthought. The Sharing Organization is a unique mission which is adamant about serving these brothers and sisters in Christ each and every week. We are a church for them and become their pastoral team.

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Our Mission

It is the Mission of the Sharing Organization to take the love and gospel of Jesus Christ into the adult nursing care homes, and to offer spiritual services to the residents who live there.

Our Vision

Our Vision is to see all of the 4,681 care homes (81,768 people) in Michigan served by their local churches with the love and gospel of Jesus Christ.

Our Plan

Our plan is simply to serve as God opens doors for us to do so, and to remind churches of the many people in their own communities who do not have any church fellowship.

Our Care

We Value each of the residents not considering their race, gender, or denominational status. Our only desire is to help them to always know that God, through Jesus Christ our savior, and the power of His Holy Spirit remembers and cares for them.


We are a 501c(3) organization and we offer all of our services for free.

Weekly Facility Worship Service

The heart of our ministry is to come into a Nursing or Adult Foster Care Home and officiate a 45-minute worship service for the residents who call that location their home.

Weekly Devotional

We are not able to visit a single shut-in's home each week, so we offer a FREE weekly devotional that is mailed to that person's home. Of course, a weekly devotional is not ideal, it is still a personalized piece of mail that many people appreciate.

Phone Visitations

For some people, they appreciate a regular phone call visitation. These weekly phone visitations began during the 2020 quarantine and has been a great blessing to many who had little to no human contact.

Weekly Devotional

If you, or someone you know, is a shut-in and would appreciate our FREE weekly devotional mailed to them, please sign up and we'll begin mailing the next week.

Weekly Devotional

Monthly Prayer Letter

We covet your partnership and your prayers. By signing up below, you will receive our monthly prayer letter where you learn about the goings on of the mission and how you may specifically pray with and for us. As a non-denominated ministry, we are dependent on God's people to join us in the work.

Prayer Letter


The Sharing Organization is a 501(c)3 Non-Profit Organization. We are dependent on the gifts of God's people to continue this unique ministry.'

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Ministry Team

The small team of people who make it possible for us to take the love and gospel of Christ to the residents.

John Rock & Family

Minister / President

Terry Olson


William Carson

Board Member

Steve & Dena Endres

Board Members

Barbara Clark

Board Member


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Frequently Asked Questions

Just a couple of the questions that we get asked most often.

  • What Church are you with?

    1. The Sharing Organization is not part of a particular church denomination. If ever we promote any one denomination, only members of that denomination will participate with our worship services.
    2. When the residents ask, we simply reply that we are with the same church that Jesus is with. They conclude that their church is the church that Jesus is with so they feel free to join us.

  • The people I minister to each week are not always able to remember me, but they always remember the uniform and know why I am there with them.

  • The Sharing Organization Ministries (EIN: 20-4287703) is a legal 501(c)3 Non-Profit Organization determined by the IRS. We collect donations from individuals who partner with us to take the gospel of Jesus to the residents we serve. You can see our IRS information by searching by our EIN number 204287703. ***___HERE___***


We do not have a public office. We minister to homes located in Macomb and St. Clair counties and if you would like to contact us, please do so via email or snail mail.


PO Box 73, Armada, MI 48005

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